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The Lagotto Romagnolo
The only recognised truffle dog breed.
Beauty and Intelligence in one active bundle
Excellent Olfactors and a love for digging.....
.....combined with a close bond to his owner , make the lagotto the perfect companion for any adventure and truffle hunts, of course
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Truffle Dogs – The Lagotto Romagnolo

Lagotto Romagnolo are the only officially recognised truffle dog breed. Originating from the Emilia Romagna Region in Italy. Since Roman times, the breed was used to hunt water fowl, due to their high number of olfactors and string legs and love for water.

Not only, will a Lagotto launch itself into any puddle or lake with excitement, but it will also take any opportunity to dig. And digging they do, like no other breed. Depths of 1.5m are not unusual for a trained truffle dog, whose trained nose will let him pin-point the elusive white truffle that growns deep down in damp soil, as well as the easier to find black summer truffle that is often found at the surface.


High prices are achieved for pedigree certified dogs selected as pets due to their extremely playful and gentle nature and their anti-allergenic coats making them the perfect family dog. Truffle hunters however, are less impressed by pedigree certificates, though they are found widely amongst the specific truffle dog breeders. Truffle hunters chose their dog on the basis of its long and well-known truffle hunting blood line. The selection goes by word-by-mouth amongst the trifolai and where grand-dad already took his dogs from. Quality, ability and a healthy trusted blood-line count for more than a website and show rosettes. This however, makes it difficult to find authentic truffle dog lines from abroad or out of popular truffle hunting regions. Local knowledge, expertise and connections are required to source the best truffle dogs, and this is where we can help you find your perfect truffle adventure companion and organise all necessary paperwork. We work with reputable and passionate breeders with pedigree and a pure Lagotto DNA line is guaranteed.


Truffle dog puppies are specifically selected for their olefactors and natural ability to search for this aromatic and precious tuber. The bond between the owner and his dog is unique and grows through the practice and exclusive time spent together on their adventures. they are bundles of energy and fun.


Due to their ‘faithful’ nature, strong bond with its owner, excellent olfactory receptors and strong digging capabilities, Lagotto Romangolos are the preferred Truffle dog in Italy.


An ancient breed of waterdog originating from the Emilia Romana Region, they were first bred as hunting dogs for water foul before becoming the preferred truffle hunting dog breed.


They are anti-allergic dogs, due to the nature of their coat, so make ideal family pets as well as working dogs. So, whether you are looking to take a Lagotto as a family pet or as a trained truffle dogs, we will help you find the perfect curly haired companion for your adventure.


But whether you are looking for a truffle dog or a companion and pet, we will be happy to find you your perfect companion for any adventure. So, when you are ready to make this new addition to your life, drop us a line, and we’ll be working with the many breeders we know to find the perfect pup.


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