Welcome to Truffles in Italy Cooking School – The Place for Lovers of Mediterranean Style Food and Italian Truffles

Our Courses

Current Courses

Below are the cooking courses we are currently running and making great memories whilst doing so. 

Cooking with Truffles (1/2)day

Cooking with Truffles. From making truffle pasta, meat dishes, infused oils and salsa and understanding the culinary possibilities of the different aromatic tubers.

Beyond Pasta - Italian Cooking Class (1/2 day)

Pasta La vista! In this class we will prepare a seasonal 4 course menu that is easy enough to re-produce and adapt at home. Suitable for various dietary requirements.

Kids & Family Cooking Class (1/2 day)

A fun cooking class for all the family. Inspire healthy eating through creative cooking. We will produce culinary art works that don't only look cool but are also delicious to eat.

Pasta Making Class (1/2 day)

Once you made this this classic Italian staple in our farmhouse cantina, you will not want to go back to store pasta. We will produce 3 types of pasta and sauces to accompany each pasta shape.

Happy Hour Aperitivi & Apericena Class (evening)

In this class you will learn to create the perfect Italian cocktails accompanied by those delicious and beautiful presented stuzzichini.

Seafood Dishes of Le Marche

Discover the rich variety of Seafood dishes from the region of Marche. All along the Adriatic Coast-line different fresh seafood and fish is served.

Why not join us for a fun class & discover the foodie in you?