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Beyond Pasta - Italian Cooking Class (1/2 day)

Pasta La vista! Yes, pasta is everywhere in Italy, but there is so much more to Italian cooking. In this class we will prepare a seasonal 4 course menu that is easy enough to re-produce and adapt at home.


Suitable for various dietary requirements.

This half-day cooking class is centered around Classic Italian dishes from various regions of Italy. Not only will you learn to produce each course from start to finish, you will also be able enjoy the finished results served with the best locally produced wine.

The menu has been designed to give an insightful culinary journey through Italy,
exploring some of its most classic dishes. Of those, there are many, not just pasta and pizza.

During the duration of the class, you will also learn how each recipe is easily adaptable to take your creativity in the kitchen to a new level and inspire you to have a go at getting creative and making a recipe your own. As well as becoming a dab hand at producing some authentic Italian classics, you will learn to put new spin on things for easy and healthy home-cooking for week-day dinners as well as special occasions.


Inspiring you to get creative, daring and allowing to being your own preferences and
ideas is key to making a dish your own. No recipe is exclusive, and cooking, just like the Italian Language itself, has many facets and regional variations, sometimes even from one family to another.

You will learn to prepare the following menu:




Bruschette sfiziosi (make a variety of Italian bruschetta toppings)




Italian Wedding Soup & Rustic Olive and Rosemary Bread

Risotto with Saffron & zucchini flowers. (seasonal variations may apply)


Saltimbocca alla Romana




Sorbetto al Limone e Limoncello

(vegetarian, gluten free, vegan and other dietary options available)

Price: 2 people (min)


€ 220 for 2 pp.
€ 280 a 3-4 pp.
Each additional person €30

Duration 4.5 hours