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Cooking with Truffles (1/2)day

Cooking with Truffles. From making truffle pasta, meat dishes, infused oils and salsa and understanding the culinary possibilities of the different aromatic tubers.

Ever wondered about what to do with truffles or have you already sampled it but don’t know how to use this aromatic tuber to add a touch of class and exquisite to your culinary repertoire? In this half-day class, you will learn how to cook with this aromatic tuber.

Known as ‘the diamond of the table’, white and black seasonal truffles are native to the southern area of Le Marche and have been used as a stable ingredient in cooking since Roman times. Following an introduction to the different types of truffles, you will learn how to create a variety of locally inspired dishes from fresh truffles and quality truffle preserves. As well as learning what to look out for when purchasing truffles or preserved truffles products, you will learn the tips of how to preserve fresh truffles for later uses, as a little goes a long way with this precious ingredient.


You will learn to prepare the following menu:




Crostini alla spoletina (Crostini alla spoletina. Dopo aver pulito per bene i tartufi,
grattugiateli e pestateli in un mortaio aggiungendo uno spicchio d’aglio tritato. Il tutto va poi amalgamato con i filetti d’acciuga tagliati a pezzetti o se preferite con pasta
d’acciuga, burro, succo di limone e un filo d’olio. Mescolare fino ad ottenere una crema da spalmare sul pane abbrustolito.)


Zuppa di patate con tartufo e crema di acciughe
Crema di fagioli al tartufo


Primo piatto


Risotto al tartufo
Ravioli di cinghiale al tartufo
or vegetarian option Ravioli al Tartufo (scorzone)




Tournedos (Filetto alla Rossini)
Vegetarian option
Polenta alla griglia con ragù di funghi e tartufo




Black Truffle Panna Cotta

Cost: min 2 people €260


3-4 pp. €310
each additional person €40

Duration 4.5 hours